• Welcome to the Tuncurry Memorial Hall

    Point Road, Tuncurry
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  • Welcome to the Tuncurry Memorial Hall

    Tuncurry Memorial Hall is a multipurpose facility that incorporates a large community hall space, kiosk area, well equipped stage area, change rooms and facilities.
    The Hall is owned by the Crown and managed by the Tuncurry Memorial Hall Trust

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  • In Gattung language, Daan,garri (Tuncurry) means:

    “When fish swim near the surface of the water and turn their bodies as they swim, they make the appearance of silvery water”
    Literal:“Plenty of Fish”

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Hall Facilities for Hire...

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The Hall Facilities Are Available For Regular & Casual Bookings
The Hall's features include:
•  Public Car Parking  •  Parking for Buses  •  Disabled Access  •  Stage  •
•  Kitchen/Cooking Facilities  •  Tables & seating for up to 200

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Check out what's on at the Hall...

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Parties at Tuncurry Memorial Hall


About Tuncurry Memorial Hall...

Tuncurry Memorial Hall
Tuncurry Memorial Hall

Tuncurry Memorial Hall was built as a community project, in memory of those who served and fell in World War I. The building was officially opened in September 1921. Since the opening, there have been various additions and improvements made.
During its life, the Tuncurry Memorial Hall has hosted concerts, meetings, dances and balls. It was used as a high school between about 1934 and 1938. For over fifty years, it operated as the local Movie Theatre.
Since July 2000, the Hall has again been available for hire as a community venue for dancing, concerts, meetings, celebrations, weddings, fund-raising events, arts and crafts and other educational and recreational activities.

The Tuncurry Memorial Hall is part of the Crown reserve system in New South Wales, set up to promote the co-operative care, control, and management of Crown reserves by the community, with assistance from the Department of Lands. As part of the orderly settlement of New South Wales, substantial areas of land were retained in Crown (State) ownership for the ongoing benefit of the local community. Members of the public and local councils play an important role in the care and use of local Crown reserves.
Tuncurry Memorial Hall is officially designated as Reserve 54151 at Tuncurry and is managed by the Tuncurry Public Hall Reserve Trust. The members of the Trust are appointed by the Minister for a five year term as unpaid volunteers.
There are currently six Tuncurry Memorial Hall Trust Board members appointed by the Minister (including an ex officio local government councilor), who are assisted by a small number of other volunteers.
The Hall Trust manages and maintains the Hall for the benefit of the local community. All monies spent on operating and maintaining the hall are raised through fundraising activities, small government loans that must be repaid and hiring fees. It is run on a not-for-profit basis.
The Trust employs a Hiring Agent to liaise with hirers and co-ordinate the use of the hall.

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